Affairs, Death Threats Alleged In Trial For Slain Fox Exec

“He’s just trying to find his wife to bring her back home to the children,” Creech’s attorney told jurors, noting that he left home without a weapon, wearing a bright red Ohio State University sweatshirt and driving a mini-van with a “loud engine” as he tried to locate her.

Nunez dismissed the prosecution’s description of a “romantic tryst” between Smith and Creech’s wife, saying they were there to “commit infidelity” and were “cheating on their spouses.” Smith’s wife had kicked him out of their house after learning he had been unfaithful with another woman, Creech’s attorney told jurors.

The defense lawyer said Creech knocked on the hood of Smith’s black Mercedes-Benz to alert his own wife and Smith, then got involved in a verbal dispute with his wife before Smith intervened and the dispute between the two men got physical.



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