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What To Know About Coronavirus



With coronavirus spread’ing around the globe, includ’ing in the united states, health expert’s say it’s more important than ever to be aware of covid-19’s sign’s and symptom’s.

While infectiou’s disease’s don’t discriminate, and anyone could potential’ly become ill, old’er american’s and those with underly’ing health condition’s, such as heart disease, lung disease and diabete’s, are at great’er risk for develop’ing severe symptoms’ and life-threaten’ing complication’s, accord’ing to the center’s for disease control and prevent’ion.

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President Bill Clinton



I came of age as a conserva’tive in an era when republican’s were keen on matter’s of private virtue and public probity. Then Bill Clinton became president, and his behavior exemplifi’ed neither.

In 1998 he was impeach’ed by a partisan gop house. He surviv’ed the drama — and could have easi’ly been reelect’ed to a third term absent the 22nd amendment — for three reason’s. His opponent’s overreach’ed. The country was do’ing fine And his supporter’s could be remarkab’ly creative or brazen (when they weren’t simply mute) in excus’ing behavior they would never have tolerat’ed from a republican.

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The White House Washington D.C



The white house is where the president & first family of the united states live and work — but it’s also the people’s house, where we hope all american’s feel a sense of inclusion & belong’ing.

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Axen Online International


Axen Online

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