The Gary Payton Story

I mentioned this to Dime, but here is the whole story. What was funny was Calvin used to come to me after we played Miami and was like, ‘Man, by minute, you scored the most points on GP. Do you have a problem with GP?’ And so I told him how I don’t have a problem with him but when I was a rookie I just got a starting position and we were playing the Sonics and you bring up the ball and he gives you that little smirk, like the ‘What do you belong on the court for?’ smirk, so it’s intimidating. You know, he’s The Glove. So all that comes together and he starts pushing up and you get nervous with the ball and now you’re on the other end and you have to stick him on defense and you’re thinking, ‘I’m stronger than him,’ and he’s posting you up and then he takes on the center because there’s a switch and he posts the center up and still scores easy and you’re like, ‘Oh shoot, what the hell is this?’ So he scored like 16 of the Sonics 20 points in the first quarter. I’ve never been so happy to get subbed out of a game. It was the only game ever where a coach subbed me out and I ran to the bench happy.


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