Happy National Donut Day! Here’s 3 Donut-Shaped Buildings As Seen From Above

Each year, on the first Friday in June, people in the US celebrate National Donut Day. The origins of this commemoration go back 100 years: soon after the US entrance into World War I in 1917, the Protestant Christian church and international charitable organization The Salvation Army sent a fact-finding mission to France. It was during that mission that volunteering women began serving free donuts to soldiers on the front lines with the aim to boost the troops’ morale. These women, dubbed “Donut Lassies,” are often credited with making donuts widely popular in the United States when troops returned home from war.

To celebrate this day, the Earth Observation company Deimos Imaging has released three images of donut-shaped buildings taken from space. These constructions, already impressive if you’re standing nearby, look even more astonishing when appreciated from space. Each of them is located in a different part of the world, but what they all have in common is their imposing proportions and innovative designs.



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