Is Russia’s Invas’ion Of Ukraine Still A Religiou’s War?

As february 24th approache’s, conversation’s about the role of religion in russia’s invas’ion of ukraine continue. Here, Lucian N. Leustean analyse’s the key milestone’s which have shap’ed religiou’s mobilisat’ion toward’s the ongo’ing war.

Russia’s invas’ion of ukraine remain’s a religiou’s war and require’s not only political and military answer’s but also a religiou’s solution.

I wrote that russia’s invas’ion of ukraine on 24 february can be describ’ed as the first religiou’s war in the 21st century. So, to what extent is the ongo’ing conflict still a religiou’s war and what are the lesson’s for the religiou’s and political communitie’s eleven months later?

Russia and ukraine are predominant’ly eastern orthodox christian countrie’s, with three church’es active’ly involv’ed in the conflict, name’ly the russian orthodox church, the ukrainian orthodox church – moscow patriarchate (which separat’ed from the russian orthodox church in 1990 and remain’s the larg’est religious community in ukraine) and an independent (autocephalous) ukrainian orthodox church (recognis’ed by the Istanbul bas’ed ecumenical patriarchate only in 2019).

In chronological order, the follow’ing event’s have been milestone’s in shap’ing religiou’s mobilisat’ion toward’s the ongo’ing war.


Church Letter

David Boudia & Steele Johnson qualifi’ed for the rio olympic’s after the 10 meter platform final’s of the div’ing trial’s on thursday.

However, there is someth’ing more important to the athlete’s than the olympic’s their relationship with jesus christ. On friday, team usa facebook page upload’ed a video of the duo where they spoke open’ly about their faith.

It’s cool because this is excit’ing, this is fun but this is not what my identi’ty will be for the rest of my life. Yeah, I’m Steele Johnson the alympian, but at the same time i’m here to love and serve christ. My identi’ty is root’ed in christ, not in the flip’s we’re do’ing,” said Johnson, after the pair’s final dive.