Race to 100,000 Makes: Update

I stopped my shots at 50,000. I’m not going for 100,000 anymore. I did 50,000 in 26 days. What happened was I sat out a couple days and that turned into a whole week because my arm was sore. I thought tendonitis might be starting to kick in so I had to shut the 100,000 down. Then I had to balance out by working out and doing drills and dribbling the ball because I wasn’t dribbling before, I was just sitting there shooting. I was looking like Jud Buechler. The way I was going, I was preparing just to be a spot-up shooter. I’ll save that role for my after years, then I’ll just be a spot-up.

They told me it was just too much on my arms and I needed to work in some of my legs and footwork stuff so I stopped at 50 k and I still had like 45 days left to reach my goal. But now I’m working on my overall balance and I’m back at 100 percent healthy so that’s good. I played pickup ball at Barry Farms the other day and had about 35 points and was dunking and stuff, so I’m feeling good.


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