Are Your Revit Skills Up to Scratch? Find Out With This Handy Guide

When applying for architecture jobs, it’s often necessary to self-evaluate your skill at various tasks. However, with many of these tasks–especially software–it can be difficult to give an accurate assessment since you often don’t know what you don’t know about the skill. This article, originally published by ArchSmarter as “Where Are You on the Path to Revit Mastery?” will help you come to an objective assessment of your skill level with one of the most complex and powerful pieces of software available.

BAM! I shook my head and peeled my sore body off the mat. “Good,” the instructor said, “Now try it again but with a little more force.” My partner grabbed my arm, twisted his hips and threw me to the mat again. BAM! Fortunately, I remembered to tuck in my chin so my head didn’t slam against the mat.

“Alright, a little better that time”, the instructor commented. “Do it another ten times then take a break. You both need to master this throw for your upcoming belt test.” Just as I started to groan, thinking about how sore I was going to be tomorrow, my partner grabbed my wrist again and tossed me over his hip.




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