See Barcelona Through An Architect’s Eyes

Barcelona is an amazing city. With its vast amount of cultural offerings, the number of places to visit is almost infinite. If there is one thing that really sets Barcelona apart from other big cities is its architecture. Like in so many other cities, the best way to intimately get know a new place is to simply take a walk through its streets. This is what Barcelona Architecture Walks is all about, a specialized route hitting all the architectural must-see spots of Barcelona.

This is a series of urban walking tours organized by architects which allow you to discover the city through the buildings and lessons of their great masters. They are a must for every tourist who wants to do something different in Barcelona, while still getting the real Barcelona experience. Of course, if you’re an architect, you have no excuse. Through six differently themed walks, you can experience firsthand these examples of architecture that often get lost in the tangle of tourists taking selfies.



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