Shoe Launch Party in NYC

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Oh man, that was great man. I was just excited to actually see my shoes in a store. You always dream about that as a little kid. You go out and buy everybody else’s shoes, you know, so I know there is a lot of kids who idolize me that are growing up and can’t wait till my shoe come out. You know, so it was exciting for me to be there at the NBA Store.

That was my first time there. It was great. I was trying to buy some of the memorabilia. I’ve been looking for MJ for the last two years. It’s all there. We was trying to hurry up and get me out and get me to another interview. I didn’t get to go back. I’ll probably go back in the summer.

They’re low tops. I can only wear low tops because, in reality, all shoes are low tops. It you ever put on a pair of high-top shoes and you stick your finger in it, it won’t get tight until the low part. So, high top is just for show.

It gives people a different look. It’s more of an Air Force I type of look that you can wear with jeans. Kids in school can actually wear outfits with it and look nice. That’s the way I was going.

I don’t get my ankles taped. Truthfully, like I said, you put a pair of high tops on and stick your finger in, there’s no support around your ankle until you get to where a low top would go. It’s just for look. Just lace them up tight.

I look at it like this, if come down on my ankle it gives me room to flex it.



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